Ecuador dating fraud

I Have placed an order on Club Factory, they have debited the mount since then there is no show from them not even through sms nor through mail. mentioned on any of reference pages, its difficult to contact them, you can only write a mail on [email protected] the auto generated reply comes. I paid more tahn 3000 order and i dont have any update since a week time. I don't receive any msg or mail from them neither i have contact them. I need the customer services contact details of the website, either give the confirmation in regards this and place my order within the time or refund my money as it is . What are you thinking you can easily make fool to everyone.I am really helpless I think my money has gone in vain, its a bogus website please don't install the said website. Its more of a message for club factory then any review as i can see that there are other victims also in india like me.could someone tell me how to lodge a complaint on this issue..something has to b done to convict those invisible b*****s..I had a bad experience shopping from this site so i would suggest others not to purchase any product from this website. I placed an order on 9th Nov, till now there is no update sent by email or message. Please do not play around with our hard earned money, you all can never be in peace. I will wait for 2 more days and then taking it up with consumer court. This is my first time on this website, After reading the over all reviews I am afraid whether I would get my order or not. nw I see the tracking status as " Undelivered due to CUSTOMER /CONSIGNEE REFUSING TO ACCEPT DELIVERY at destination city Gati-KWE" God am out of my nerves badly and am terribly frustrated..I have paid through net banking, I even have the snapshot. thought of checking the reviews and just came to knw the bitter fact ..

And apart from everything emotional lets get practical that no matter there is no address mentioned or contact number in ur app i still know n number of methods to take a web site and people behind it down. And no surprise, they deleted that pg of FB and created new one. Guys even I was about to order but was little skeptical about its existence so checked for reviews online and found your reviews. If your money is stuck, at least report it to cyber crime cell for some action.

i have ordered on 30th Nov ...getting the updates now reached the warehouse now have been shipped since yesterday eve it is showing please track your order on Gati .Gati showing invalid number ...i want my order .....aaaaaaaahhhhhhh feel like crying after reading all above comments ....

I have placed two orders of total 15000rs nov 26th 2016. After reading the over all reviews I am scared of being fooled whether I would get my order or not.

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