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They’d approach their target, and, in a cool, calm voice, state, “I’ve been noticing you around campus. Roughly half of the men and half of the women agreed to go on a date.I find you very attractive.” The experimenter would then ask one of three randomly assigned questions: “Would you go out with me tonight? But, when the suggestion turned sexual, the difference in responses between the genders was stark.This is on a unisex t-shirt, and comes in a variety of colors!

This “feminist” t-shirt also says that the rules for dating are set by the daughter — and explicitly not by the guy dating her.And while I know we all thought we knew everything when we were 15, we in fact knew nothing at all whatsoever oh my goodness wasn’t it embarrassing we were so foolish I’m so glad we survived how did we survive.So the idea that parents wouldn’t have dating rules during the parenting process is mostly just an abdication of parenting as opposed to some kind of feminist empowerment thing.Their sound is reminiscent of a lovechild between Queens of the Stone Age and Ty Segall, and a crossover with DIY label Burger Record’s Southern California punk rock that sends audiences straight to the mosh pit.Drenge, derived from the Danish word for “boys,” is a fitting name to capture the spirit of their music.

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